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Navigation unit quick reference guide

Navgo GPS quick reference guide

Click here to download the entire 120 page pdf  manual (3mb)
You may also right click and select "Save Target As"

I-GO Navigation software quick reference guide

Please note that you must have a strong satellite signal before you can navigate.  If you see "No GPS Signal" at the main navigation screen, please wait until that message is replaced with the latitude and longitude of your current location.  You may click at the small satellite icon at the lower left hand corner to view the satellite lock screen.
You need to be either outside or near a window for the GPS to pick up the satellite signal and identify its location.

Click on the navigation icon to enter the navigation software

Navigation to an address

  • Click on Find and Go (middle of the circle)

  • Click on Address

  • Click on other city (upper right hand corner)

  • Click on Change State

  • (For Canada, click on change country)

  • Select state from the list of states or provinces for Canada)

  • Once a state is selected you will automatically go into the select city

  • Select the city and click on Done.  You need to enter only few letters of the city and you will see a list of cities.  Click on your city from the list of cities

  • Select your street name (if your street has north/south/east/west in the name, you need to enter it too).

  • Click on Done. You will see a list of the streets that match the street you entered.  Click on the street. 

  • Enter the house number and click on Done.  If you get a list of matching address, select the exact one from the list

The root will be calculated and instruction will commence.  You need to have a satellite signal (satellite icon on the screen can not be RED). Click on the satellite icon to see if you have a lock on the various satellites.  You will need at least 6 satellites to triangulate your position.

Click on the tab icon at the lower right hand corner of the screen for route options.


Set up your home and work address

  • Click on Setting

  • Click on General

  • Click on Set favorite destinations

  • Click Change address under Home (or Work)

  • Click Address

  •  Enter the address as described above


To navigate to a Point Of Interest (POI)

  • Click on Find and Go

  • Click on POI

  • Click on the category of interest to you or on All

  • Select POI from the list

  • Click on Ok

To navigate to previously entered location

  • Click on Find and Go

  • Click on History

  • Select Address from the list of previously entered locations

  • Click on Ok


To go Home or to Work

  • Once a home/Work address is set, you can navigate to your home or work as follows

  • Click on Find and Go

  • Click on Home or Work

To  Display the navigation map while driving without setting a destination

  • Click on Cockpit

  • If you see the LOCK on the screen click on it to unlock the map

  • The arrow will follow your position

To Disable night time screen colors

  • Click on Setting

  • Click on General

  • Click on Automatic Night Colors until the icon is NOT green (black).


Avoid road blocks or Construction

Sometimes, a road is blocked and you need the GPS to find a different route. Please follow these instructions.
While navigating to a destination

  • Click on Menu in the lower left hand corner

  • Click on Recalculate

  • Click on Bypass

  • Click on the number of miles to bypass 1/2/3/10/20/cancel


To cancel navigation for current destination

  • Click on Menu in the lower left hand corner

  • Click on Route

  • Click on Delete


To simulate the travel route without actually traveling to the destination

Navigate to an address as described above

  • Click on Menu

  • Click on Route

  • Click on Fly Over


Navigation map direction.
You can set the navigation map in North-up mode in the direction of travel model

While navigating to a destination, click on the icon in the upper right hand corner, it will change between up arrow, down arrow, and an airplane mode.




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